the Newborn Session


KRyan Photography has a brand new, state-of-the-art studio with everything needed for your newborn session.  The studio is full of props including wooden bowls & boxes, blankets and wraps in many colors, and 100’s of headbands and knit bonnets.  Although you don’t need to bring a thing, if you would like me to incorporate something special to you, I just ask that you let me know ahead of time so I can plan your session around it.

During your session, we encourage moms and dads to relax !  The studio is equipped with WiFi, cable t.v. including Netflix, light snacks, microwave, refrigerator, water cooler, Keurig with Starbuck’s coffees, juices and seltzers.  You are more than welcome to bring breakfast or lunch to your session.

We are located at 923 Route 6A, Unit B Yarmouthport, MA.
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About your session:

– Newborn sessions are shot ideally between day 6-21 of life; for that reason, it is recommended you try and schedule your session 2-3 months before your due date to assure availability !  Although “ideal” to schedule your session before 21 days old, I realize sometimes for various reasons that’s not possible and I do routinely shoot newborns up to 5, even 6 weeks old and would never turn anyone down due to baby’s age.

– Sessions can last up to 2-3 hours.  You are welcome (and encouraged) to relax during your session, or even nap !  The studio has WiFi, t.v., refrigerator, microwave and coffee maker.  You are welcome to bring food with you.

– In anticipation of your session, please bring a pacifier (if your baby is taking one).

– It will be warm !  The studio will be approximately 80 degrees in order to accommodate your newborn being in their birthday suit; please dress in layers to accommodate the temperature.  A change of clothes can also be helpful in the event the baby goes to the bathroom on you during parent images !

– Please try and keep the baby awake as long as possible before the shoot to allow them to sleep easier when they arrive.  If they fall asleep on the way over, that is fine.

– As a full belly aids with sleep, if you have a long drive – you are welcome to time your last feeding before your session upon arrival at arrival the studio.  I have rocking chairs, burp cloths and a Boppy if needed !  I also have a water cooler with hot water as needed to warm bottles.

– Sibling shots are generally attempted first.  As we need a calm, quieter environment for newborn shots, although not required, it is suggested you have someone (grandparent, aunt etc.) take the siblings when done.  Parent images are done right after, so Dad may also take them at this point.

– Please realize newborn sessions are entirely “baby-led”; if for some reason your baby is not happy in a certain position, needs to nurse, or needs a break, I will follow their lead.

** Please realize the above are only suggested guidelines, if you have any questions or concerns – don’t hesitate to contact me anytime !